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  • Waist Heating Belt can be wrapped around your waist anytime,anywhere
  • Tourmanium Jewellries made with Tourmaline, Germanium, Elvan and Volcanic Rocks is moulded into various designs
  • This is a high class of tourmanium wrist watch that has the efficacy of Tourmanium to bring health and beauty together.
  • Nuga Jinpum Tourmanium Nano Ceramic Mat is made with healthy tourmaline, elvan, volcanic rocks, and germanium
  • NUGA Heating Pad is the amazing tourmanium ceramic mat made out of tourmaline, germanium, elvan, and volcanic rocks
  • Nuga Best's premium range product has been voted as world's #1 product and has recieved many awards.

                                              HEALTHY LIFE WITH NUGA BEST

Just as a tree needs a strong root system in order to grow right and sustain good health, so too do human beings. The human root system consists of the central nervous and the cardiovascular system, these two develop first in the human fetus. Every other system and organ in the body develops subsequently from them. Together they bring oxygen, water, nutrients, hormones, and essential life force energy to every part of the body, whilst at the same time eliminating waste products. To the extent that these two systems and the spinal column that supports them are healthy, a human being will be healthy too. 
Unfortunately, given the many stresses and strains of modern life combined with poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, most of us develop arterial plaque, cholesterol, fatty deposits, and toxins in our circulatory system as well as various blockages in the energetic pathways of our nervous system. We also tend to suffer as we age from a general deterioration of the spinal column. In other words, our root system becomes damaged and this, in turn, begins to undermine our overall health.
The good news is that Nuga Best Therapeutic Thermal Massage Bed  NM7000   goes directly to the source of these health problems: the human root system itself.

Nuga Best uses only natural products to manufacture its devices for people all over the world .

One of the major and unique discoveries of NUGA BEST South Korea is the  "Magic  Stone"
(named by Asian people
) - Tourmanium
In traditional Eastern medicine, Tourmanium  is known to have healing qualities. It is known as a natural transmitter of far-infrared rays at the same frequency as  the human body emanates. It contains vital elements for the human body such as calcium and magnesium,it emanates also negative ions. It is well known in the Orient for  slowing the process of aging and has the ability to strengthen the body’s  natural defences and healing abilities. The health benefits of Tourmanium are also known in the West. In a study done iat the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, it was reported that Tourmanium improves high blood pressure and poor circulation.

                                        TOURMANIUM AND FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR)

Tourmanium is composed of the semi-precious stone Tourmaline, Germanium, Volcanic Rock, and Elvan.The latest technology of Nuga Medical is named NM 7000 Thermal Therapeutic Bed with Infrared Heat .During the therapy on NM 7000 , the Tourmanium Ceramic Rollers from Nuga Best NM-7000 emit the warm heat of Far-Infrared Rays and penetrates 4-5 cm deep into the body, stimulating blood circulation and cell activity in the exposed bodily area. The Tourmanium Ceramic Rollers also naturally emit healthy Anions due to its stone composition. Anions (or negative ions) have been shown to increase metabolism, increase Alpha brain waves, and positively impact Serotonin oxidation in the bloodstream, thus helping to make you happier, more optimistic, and more energetic. The internal Tourmanium rollers emanate FIR and move smoothly along the spinal contour whilst providing the effect of Acupressure, Moxibustion and Heat therapies to the spine. NM 7000 is well known in Asia for slowing down the process of aging as well as maximizing the body’s ability to strengthen its natural defences and healing abilities.
The Nuga Massage Bed NM 7000 is a state-of-the-art complimentary in  Alternative Medicine technology. As you lie down and relax, for the next 30 minutes you experience harmony and relaxation. Tourmanium heated rollers slowly and carefully massage your back and neck, loosening tense muscles.After the 30 minute session NM 7000 will release all stress, aches and pains and give a strong and positive energy to the body.For a better effect it is recommended to do the FIR Therapies on NM 7000 at least twice a day Morning and Evening .Our inhouse research have proven that the positive results will be already visible after 4 weeks of using the NM 7000 .Nuga Best  Medical devices are recommended not only to people with health problems but also to people who want a healthy and happy life.It's been globally approved that NUGA BEST NM 7000 is the Best Health device a family can experience .



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